Friday, February 20, 2009


This post will be dedicated to Tangrams, the wonderful supports of the Gerbil factory here in Encyclophobaticsburg. No, the factory doesn't produce Gerbils, but Mr. Henry L. Gerbil founded it, so we named it after him. It is a factory that produces glass sculptures, And it is basically a large Ovular Building supported in the air by four stilts made of Tangrams. You see, Mr. Henry L. Gerbil was a master at Tangrams, and he built an amazing support system that can hold tremendous weight, while at the same time look artistic. On the side of the artistically painted building is a large pipe that is very dangerous, because glass sculptures randomly fall out of the pipe. A long time ago, Mr. Henry L. Gerbil devised a clever system of piping that led all over Encyclophobaticsburg, and whenever a customer ordered a sculpture, a series of hydraulic valves would open or close to guide the sculpture to the right house. Sadly, during the Encyclophobaticsburg Giraffe Breakout of 1994, the pipelines were smashed due to stampeding. The tangrams, however, were so well built that they survived. But because Mr. Henry L. Gerbil made the factory completely robotic, It continues to crank out statues and they fall out of the broken pipe. the vicinity around the pipe was very dangerous, because of the glass, until we managed to shut off the factory. But because people liked the architecture so much, it has been turned into a museum, with some of the original robotics still on display. This concludes our feature of the Mr. Henry L. Gerbil Museum, next time we will talk about a different building in Enccyclophobaticsburg.


Nadine said...

Wow. I did my ancient history project on the Encyclophobaticsburg Giraffe Breakout of 1994. I didn't do very well on it though... an F+. Well maybe that was becuase I said it didn't include giraffes due to the bananapox epidemic of 1984. I had the date wrong, and for some reason my teacher took off points. I mean it is only a century off, whats the big deal right?


Colli Flower said...

Wait a second... When I visited E-burg there was only one building. It was a very successful company that sold dirt. I didn't buy any, but someone stuck a bumpersticker on my car when I drove by.

Citizen of Dystopia said...

Encyclophobaticsburg seems quite interesting. Here where I live, though, buildings are supported by our newly patented "Air Columns!" However, because we don't want to be selfish, we leave all of the air columns to the general public, while we sit in terrible houses supported by toothpicks and marshmallows, originally used for wild animal cages. One strange thing that has happened was that we noticed that all the newspapers reported a great number of head injuries due to collapsing air columns. Those newspapers must have been lying, so we threw them all away.