Friday, June 26, 2009

English to Spanish To English...

This is a post about on of my earlier posts that has been translated into Spanish, and then back into English again. As you can see, the language structure is different, so neither translation could possibly be exactly exact, meaning that the end result is a little strange. In Encyclophobaticsburg, we call thiss process (translating into one language and then back again) slumberigrifyinazationing, so here is the slumberigrifyinagazationized verion of my post, Yodelberry Stew. By the way, slumberigrifyinazationing is pretty fun. You can go to to do it.

Stew of Yodelberry.

Today, I will say to him how to make the stew of Yodelberry. The berries of the way to sing of the tiroleses are a very rare type of berry grown in the mountainous regions of the desert of the Sahara. Hardly teasing; They grow mainly in montan@as, particularly in near ravines or caves. They are white, to mix inside with the snow, and prefer cold climates. Although the fruit itself is boxed in a hard rind, the leaves can be used to make tea (I nevertheless wouldn' it recommends it to t, since the tea is bitter and has a tendency to explode violently in the infrequent intervals.) The rind responds to the strong noises, so yodeling near some will make the rind fall, therefore the well-known berry of the way to sing of the tiroleses. The interior of the fruit is very sweet, but before she can be eaten, you must peel dull the external skin, that is as bitter as the leaves, and later to remove the seeds cover that it (they are very sticky, and they are hard to obtain of the berry, but to even obtain more hardly of his hand). After you finally have located one in the snow, yodeled near her, bare extinguished the two layers of skin, and removed the many seeds, as large as leaves with a small fruit on half a bilberry him. The original rind, in the comparison, was 7 times greater than that small thing that you are carrying out.

You request " so; what' s the point? If they are so hard to be able, why as soon as not to make the stew regulate? ". If you requested that, later you have a good point. But it is the answer here:


Why you would go to all that hardship, if the stew requests 150 of those small things in which it serves, and the really bad stew itself test, does not have absolutely ANY essential vitamin, and it is not completing slightest?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikamiian Monkeys!

Thurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikamiian Monkeys are a rare species of monkey found only on the east coast of
Encyclophobaticsburg. They live in the jungle, and eat mainly mangoes. Another very strange thing about them
is the fact that they exist. No one can figure out the reson for this, But we don't really care about it that much,
since other things are happening in Encyclophobaticsburg, like the ladybug escape. Basically, a ladybug escaped
from the zoo. That is all. Bye!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weirdest Blog Award

I have recently been given the Weirdest Blog Award by Hannah from Chicken News. Basically, I have no idea what all these awards are about, so please try to bear with me. I am supposed to pass this award on to three people. If you want to bring your blog to my attention, I will look at it if you put a link or address in the comments. If someone could explain to me who makes these awards, What I should do to my blog if I get one, and how I should pass it on I would be most grateful. So whoever that is, thank you in advance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Moo Moo Moo said the normal cow.
Beep Beep Beep said the robotic cow.
Moo Moo Oink said the semi-normal cow.
Woof Woof I mean Moo said the Dog in disquise as a cow who wasn't doing a very good job.
Moodles! Moodles! Moodles! said the noodle-selling cow.
I like Pizza said me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Vacuum has two U's!

Vacuum has two U's!

P.S. Vacuum has two U's! and strawberry jam isn't made of ice cream.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The word vacuum is a very nice word. You may have noticed that it has two "U"s right next to each other. This is very peculiar, but is not all-together unpleasant. It does mean that it is sometimes difficult to remember how to spell it. Hopefully, this strange post will help you to remember that it has two "U"s by remeinding you of it often.

Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
I Like Pizza...
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Lemonade is (not) purple!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!

There, was that often enough? By the way, Vacuum has two U's! You should know that bacon is
Vacuum has two U's!
called "bacon"!

Watch out, as this may be repeated in future posts.

P.S. Vacuum has two U's!

Friday, June 5, 2009

On a mountain in a vally in-between two forests lies a

Giant-monkey-and-ostrich-eating-relative-of-the-kraken-that-prefers-mayonnaise-to-ketchup-and-believes-in-the-liberty-of-no-creatures-except-all-of-them-except-one-which-is-the-afore-mentioned-lemon-headed-aardvark. Also, I discovered today that under no circumstances is an icoseles triangle to go wandering around after dark without the permission of a firevhydrant. BUGLES ROCK!