Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikamiian Monkeys!

Thurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikamiian Monkeys are a rare species of monkey found only on the east coast of
Encyclophobaticsburg. They live in the jungle, and eat mainly mangoes. Another very strange thing about them
is the fact that they exist. No one can figure out the reson for this, But we don't really care about it that much,
since other things are happening in Encyclophobaticsburg, like the ladybug escape. Basically, a ladybug escaped
from the zoo. That is all. Bye!!!


Bob the Great said...

Here in Kerfluffia, we have ThurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikamEEan Monkeys! They like to eat escaped ladybugs.

Agent Pizza said...

How very interesting...