Saturday, November 21, 2009

*Exasperated Sigh*

Ahhh. I am sorry about this problematic approach to problems, but there appears to be an error. As you can possibly tell, this lonely blog out in the cold realms of the internet has suffered from an internal systematic lack of posts, and therefore feels rundown.

The Solution:
Renovations! Elaborations! Limeade!

The Renovatons, Elaborations, and Limeade:
just expect not very much posting for a while, since I have recently joined a group that seems to have quite a lot of work attached to it, work that I have to do in the time I could be writing about bunny slippers and lemons. So remember, I don't like it, but there is some troubles. Hopefully, I can come back to at least weekly, maybe even once-every-two-days-ly! Oh, and expect a makeover, so it might be closed from... time to time (evil laugh).

and now, a small story about flying discs:

There once was a flying disc. His name was Frisbee. The end.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sorry about the anti-posting, I was attacked by air

No really! I was just walking along, minding my own business, when a particularly bad-tempered bit of air came too close and I fell into a green dumpster. Dumb ive45swvh mbu8jkjm,ml

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Watch out for the puddle, it is wet

Yesterday, I encountered a very rare phenomenon. It was... a puddle! My first reaction was to inspect the puddle for evidence about a number of missing tomatoes in the area, but I decided that some things (such as puddles, rakes, and angry gophers) are best left alone. Sadly, I continued walking, until I came across another puddle. This time, I became immediately suspicious. How come there were so many puddles? What was the meaning of that plastic spoon hanging in that shop window? It was overwhelmingly blue, and I had to escape it! Let me tell you a bit of advice. Next time that you are equipping a custom made jet pack, don't let the clerk offer you the special "Confusi-Cord opening mechanism". It's supposedly made to confuse enemies who steal your jet pack, and make it hard for them to open, but pulling a cord, playing Twinkle, Twinkle, little star on a trumpet, Typing in a code on a keypad, and trying to hold down the activation button all at the same time isn't any easier while running from a spoon (especially beacause it was more hopping from a spoon, seeing as to that I was trying to type in the number with one foot). Finally, I opened my jet pack, and blasted away from the evil spoon. Sadly, I fell asleep right after that, because I was extremely tired from opening it. When I woke up... well, that's a different story.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Only tonight (and tommorrow) you can buy this fabulous product from Pizza Industries Useless Junk Department!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I don't think that is such a good idea...

"Why not?" asked Chester.
"Look at the sign! Walking through that tree would be really bad!"
"No! I like muffins!"

And so it was...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Salad is here!

Hee Hee, sorry to spark your interest, but there is no salad. None. Zero. Don't even try looking for it. Even if there were, I'm sure it would be locked away in some tall tower somewhere, probably with a dragon or something. And maybe a bunch of knights would come, and they would just be really repetitive, and attack the dragon, and capture it or something. Then they would go up and walk into the room on the tallest tower, and say some really weird speech like "Fear not princess, I have captured the dragon and (wheeze) climbed this enourmous (gasp) set of stairs (pant pant) to rescue you! And then he would pull the curtain away, discover the salad, and be really mad, since he climbed the staircase for nothing. So then he would kick the salad out the window, and the dragon (who was really hungry from being tied up whenever a knight came and struggling to get free) would break out of it's ropes/chains/cage/room filled with pictures of penguins and eat the salad.

And if all that happened, you couldn't get the salad because the dragon ate it, so what would the point of standing on a hill and shouting bravely (with sword in ground and helmet in hand like a boring and very cliche knight) : "Salad is Here!" ? Well, mainly because if you did that at just the right moment, the dragon might start laughing so hard at you that it would choke up a bit of the salad, which you would grab. The, of course, you would place it in a museum and call it macaroni. Well, no, you wouldn't, since it's salad, not Macaroni, but that doesn't matter too much (right?).

Friday, July 10, 2009

Facing the Facts!!!

Today, I was forced to do something very dangerous. It was facing the facts. "Why would this be dangerous?" you ask. You see, it is a long story. So if you're going somewhere, don't read this. Seriously. It could delay you. No, really, stop with the pleading. DO NOT READ THIS! Well... O.K., fine, but remember, I warned you!
(The Pizza Industries Eating Department is not responsible for any lost merchandise, time, or bunny slippers. NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE. Please do not contact us, as we are busy eating pizza, tasting pizza, devouring pizza, munching on pizza, throwing pineapples at the boss, eating pizza, eating pizza,or possibly even eating pizza, at all hours of the day. Warranty of this post is 15,058,245 year(s). Extra warranty can be purchased at: (Edit: the warranty on this website has expired. It is no longer available.) Please report all lost, stolen, dropped, poached, hidden, broken, non-functional, or fake merchandise to the Pizza Industries lost, stolen, dropped, poached, hidden, broken, non-functional, or fake merchandise Department. Terms and conditions liable to change without warning.

Today, I was walking down the street, when I noticed a sign that said "Mustard is yellow" I frowned. Mustard was usually green in Encyclophobaticsburg. I inspected the sign to see if it could possibly be a fake, but it appeared to be 100% synthetic wood, with artificial ink, and instead of nails, I noticed that glue had been sneakily applied, with stickers that resembled nails on top. I scolded myself for even starting to believe it could have been a fake. Finally giving in to that fact that I was actually looking at a sign, I suddenly realized the magnitude of it's message. Mustard could not possibly be yellow! Instead of looking directly at the sign, I decided to turn around. As I was pondering the strange message, I noticed that a strange man with a sticker on his chest was walking down the street. On it, a hastily scribbled note read: "Synonyms are great things." It was a nice message, but the sticker happened to be one of those stickers that says "Hello, my name is:" on them, so it said "Hello, my name is synonyms are wonderful things.", which was a little weird. Then, I realized that he was walking in the street! Just as a highly dangerous vehicle containing a quart of yogurt hurtled closer, I jumped at him, knocking us both out of the way. He thanked me, explaining that he was blind, and tried to pat me on the back, but hit me in the face instead.

After I managed to explain to him that "It was nothing, really..." He went on his way, and I on mine. HOLD IT! STOP! DROP EVERYTHING! Did you hear that? It said "I on Mine."!!! That must mean that I was standing on top of an old abandoned mine shaft, which could cave in at any second! As I realized this, I jumped back just in time. Realizing that I had lost a shoe to the mine, I realized I had been wearing Bunny slippers.

... Don't you get it? Didn't you read the legal text up there? It said: "The Pizza Industries Eating Department is not responsible for any lost merchandise, time, or bunny slippers."!!! That means there was no warranty on my Bunny slipper! As I realized this horrible thing, I knew that I had to face the facts. Turning slowly, I faced in the direction of the sign I had seen earlier. Knowing that mustard must be yellow, I had discovered that this sign was the facts, and I was now facing them. The End.

Moral of the story: Don't read my Blog or you'll be late to work!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weirdest Blog Award

The Weirdest Blog award... I believe tht I know the three deserving Bloggers that should get this award. They are... (drumroll please):

Bob the Great at bobthegreatblog!

Erendira at Erendiranchdressing!

and Zora at either Melonsarestrange or Candycane-llama!

Select the Graphic and paste it onto your own Blog if you are one of these Authors!

Friday, June 26, 2009

English to Spanish To English...

This is a post about on of my earlier posts that has been translated into Spanish, and then back into English again. As you can see, the language structure is different, so neither translation could possibly be exactly exact, meaning that the end result is a little strange. In Encyclophobaticsburg, we call thiss process (translating into one language and then back again) slumberigrifyinazationing, so here is the slumberigrifyinagazationized verion of my post, Yodelberry Stew. By the way, slumberigrifyinazationing is pretty fun. You can go to to do it.

Stew of Yodelberry.

Today, I will say to him how to make the stew of Yodelberry. The berries of the way to sing of the tiroleses are a very rare type of berry grown in the mountainous regions of the desert of the Sahara. Hardly teasing; They grow mainly in montan@as, particularly in near ravines or caves. They are white, to mix inside with the snow, and prefer cold climates. Although the fruit itself is boxed in a hard rind, the leaves can be used to make tea (I nevertheless wouldn' it recommends it to t, since the tea is bitter and has a tendency to explode violently in the infrequent intervals.) The rind responds to the strong noises, so yodeling near some will make the rind fall, therefore the well-known berry of the way to sing of the tiroleses. The interior of the fruit is very sweet, but before she can be eaten, you must peel dull the external skin, that is as bitter as the leaves, and later to remove the seeds cover that it (they are very sticky, and they are hard to obtain of the berry, but to even obtain more hardly of his hand). After you finally have located one in the snow, yodeled near her, bare extinguished the two layers of skin, and removed the many seeds, as large as leaves with a small fruit on half a bilberry him. The original rind, in the comparison, was 7 times greater than that small thing that you are carrying out.

You request " so; what' s the point? If they are so hard to be able, why as soon as not to make the stew regulate? ". If you requested that, later you have a good point. But it is the answer here:


Why you would go to all that hardship, if the stew requests 150 of those small things in which it serves, and the really bad stew itself test, does not have absolutely ANY essential vitamin, and it is not completing slightest?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikamiian Monkeys!

Thurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikamiian Monkeys are a rare species of monkey found only on the east coast of
Encyclophobaticsburg. They live in the jungle, and eat mainly mangoes. Another very strange thing about them
is the fact that they exist. No one can figure out the reson for this, But we don't really care about it that much,
since other things are happening in Encyclophobaticsburg, like the ladybug escape. Basically, a ladybug escaped
from the zoo. That is all. Bye!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Weirdest Blog Award

I have recently been given the Weirdest Blog Award by Hannah from Chicken News. Basically, I have no idea what all these awards are about, so please try to bear with me. I am supposed to pass this award on to three people. If you want to bring your blog to my attention, I will look at it if you put a link or address in the comments. If someone could explain to me who makes these awards, What I should do to my blog if I get one, and how I should pass it on I would be most grateful. So whoever that is, thank you in advance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Moo Moo Moo said the normal cow.
Beep Beep Beep said the robotic cow.
Moo Moo Oink said the semi-normal cow.
Woof Woof I mean Moo said the Dog in disquise as a cow who wasn't doing a very good job.
Moodles! Moodles! Moodles! said the noodle-selling cow.
I like Pizza said me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Vacuum has two U's!

Vacuum has two U's!

P.S. Vacuum has two U's! and strawberry jam isn't made of ice cream.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


The word vacuum is a very nice word. You may have noticed that it has two "U"s right next to each other. This is very peculiar, but is not all-together unpleasant. It does mean that it is sometimes difficult to remember how to spell it. Hopefully, this strange post will help you to remember that it has two "U"s by remeinding you of it often.

Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
I Like Pizza...
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Lemonade is (not) purple!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!
Vacuum has two U's!

There, was that often enough? By the way, Vacuum has two U's! You should know that bacon is
Vacuum has two U's!
called "bacon"!

Watch out, as this may be repeated in future posts.

P.S. Vacuum has two U's!

Friday, June 5, 2009

On a mountain in a vally in-between two forests lies a

Giant-monkey-and-ostrich-eating-relative-of-the-kraken-that-prefers-mayonnaise-to-ketchup-and-believes-in-the-liberty-of-no-creatures-except-all-of-them-except-one-which-is-the-afore-mentioned-lemon-headed-aardvark. Also, I discovered today that under no circumstances is an icoseles triangle to go wandering around after dark without the permission of a firevhydrant. BUGLES ROCK!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What is the difference between colour and color? Why, a U of course. Sadly, that is not all. Though most people do not know it, colour is also... well, maybe I shouldn't tell you. You could have nightmares. I mean, if I accidentaly let it slip that colour is the second word in the scientific name for a lemon-headed aardvark, then it would be very dangerous. Oh well, I am sorry to say that you can't know that colour is the second word in the scientific name for a lemon-headed aardvark.

Thank you for listening to my random babbles.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ostrich Alert!

Important! 2+2=5! O.K., glad to have that over with. Today, I will tell you that there are several ostriches on the loose and that they have the potential to eat anything in sight. But before I tell you that, here are some messages from our sponsors.

|  Bugle Glass Cleaners!     |
| Call 1-800-we-like-money   |

Have you been eating dairy 3 times a day? Good! Well now, you should eat it 4,987,000 times a day! Why? Because then you'll be forced to buy more of our delicious yogurt. only $83.95 a can!

Okay, thank you for listening to that brief (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 minute long) message from our sponsors. Now, some breaking news: There are several ostriches on the loose and they have the potential to eat anything in sight. Now, I'm sure you had never heard of that before, Huh? So ya, eat pizza!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have posted 6 times today, and scheduled one for tomorrow. I think it's a record! Scratch that, I KNOW it's a record (for me, that is). Yay Posts!


Code 2

Hello, folks. Did you know that:
. - . - - . . . . . . - - - . . . . - . . - . . . . - - . - . . . - . . . - - . - .

In Morse Code Means- well, I'll let you guess. Any guesses? Hmm? Well, look down.

The answer is:


Neat, Huh?

Also, I will be using the scheduling feature more (I think) since I have more time on the weekends...


Today, you will find out how to play a fun and exiting game titled "The worst and most boring game in the world". To play this game, you will need the following items:

12 sheets of lined paper
Half of a pineapple
A small plastic cup
Two Prisms
Bubble Gum
Electric screwdriver
Another Prism
14 Red Ants
A cell phone
4 light bulbs
A dog (Labrador retriever, if possible)
Chile Pepper
Chile Salt
A peacock feather
10 cubic tons of cardboard
And a 9876.5 teaspoon measuring cup

So, take the 13 pieces of paper, and use the stapler to staple them around the rim of the top hat. Then, take the Dirigible and fly it over Nebraska. As you do this, throw the raisins off, two at a time, at 56 second intervals. If any of the- What? What's that you say? That none of those items were on the list? No! See, right there, it says...

What? But... How... Someone must have changed them! Oh No! Oh well, in the meantime get out a bat and ball and play baseball.

Also, I recommend that you don't follow my advice, as it may lead you into a pit of doom.
By the way, I suggest you go into a pit of doom.

Yodelberry stew.

Today, I will tell you how to make Yodelberry stew.

Yodel Berries are a very rare type of berry grown in the mountainous regions of the Sahara desert. Just kidding; They grow mainly in the Alps, particularly in canyons or near caves. They are white, to blend in with the snow, and prefer cold climates. Though the fruit itself is encased in a hard shell, the leaves can be used to make tea (though I wouldn't recommend it, since the tea is bitter and has a tendency to explode violently at infrequent intervals.) The shell responds to loud noises, so yodeling near some will cause the shell to fall off, thus the name yodel berry. The fruit inside is very sweet, but before it can be eaten, you must peel off the outer skin, which is as bitter as the leaves, and then take off the seeds that coat it (they are very sticky, and are hard to get off the berry, but even harder to get off your hand). After you have finally located one in the snow, yodeled near it, peeled off the two layers of skin, and taken off the many seeds, you are left with a small fruit about half the size of a blueberry. The original shell, in comparison, was 7 times larger than that little thing you are holding.

So you ask "what's the point? If they are so hard to get, why not just make regular stew?". If you asked that, then you have a good point. But here is the answer:


Why in the world would you go to all that trouble, if the stew calls for 150 of those little things in one serving, AND the stew itself tastes really bad, has absolutely NO essential vitamins, AND is not filling in the slightest?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ice and pencils...

Sorry for not posting for so long about what happens after the post where I told you what happened when I had been sorry for being gone so long. Basically, It had been my own tracks in the snow( I think someone must have placed them there, I never would have made that mistake!) Anyway, the culprit was a actually a small Woodland Muskrat, who had been working for an unknown employer, but felt bad about his crime, and came to me to confess. The reason it took so long to post on the matter was because the Muskrat never said more than two words before falling asleep for 12 hours. It was hard to talk to him.

Sorry, Bye.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Please observe:


With an 87.5% accuracy rating, the monkey that typed that is pretty good. This giraffe, however...


As you can see, this 12.5% approval rating is rather low. The Giraffe, though horrible at spelling, Has a ph. D in Math, Works at NASA, Scored an IQ of 3,984.8, and won the Brazilian Math contest 40 times in a row. So, Ya...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


HI! I am very sorry for not blogging this long. I was hired by the Encyclophobaticsburg government to find something that had gone missing from the Encyclophobaticsburg museum. To make up for the long wait, I will tell you what happened.

It all started when I recieved a call that The government suspected that a theif may try to steal something from the Gerbil Factory. I rushed over there and started patrolling the area. After a few minutes my mind wandered to the phone call. Suddenly, I realized that not only is there no government in Encyclophobaticsburg, but over 86.95% of it's citizens do not even know the definition of the word! I hopped in my private jet and flew to the museum, but I was too late. The door was ajar, and on further investigation, I found out that the most famous item in the museum had been stolen: The golden donut.

The donut was the only remaining part of the great donut temple. When the great founders Phidellys built Encyclophobaticsburg, they made a large Donut temple in the center of it. Sadly, the temple was soon demolished by a herd of vaccuum cleaners, and only the large solid-gold donut statue remained. 

Anyway, enough history. I inspected the area for clues, and found only three items: a rubber chicken, a shoe, and a note with several fingerprints on it and some words saying: 

"I have stolen the greatest piece of Encyclophobaticsburg history.  P.S. my secret base is not in the little shack off of Cheesecake lane and to the right a bit."

 This narrowed the search down a bit. I needed to figure out who had stolen it,  and where he or she was. I now knew that the secret base wasn't in the little shack off of Cheesecake lane and to the right a bit. I used some silly putty to pick up the fingerprints, then tore up the note so that  the thief couldn't come back and change it.

When I got back to my HQ, I took out the silly putty and realized that the fingerprints had been ruined when I put the silly putty in it's case (you're supposed to do that to keep it from drying out). I then realized that I had torn up the note, So I couldn't get them again. Hmmm... This would be only a slight setback.

Next, I took the rubber chicken in for questioning. It refused to reveal information, even when I threatened to loose a stuffed racoon on it.

My only hope was the shoe. It was just a brown leather shoe, slightly worn, with one of the laces missing. Nothing there. I was out of clues. Tired, I fell asleep instantly. No, really, I mean I fell asleep standing up in my lab. When I woke up, I realized something was very strange. Looking around, I realized that nothing was out of place. I still had a suspicious feeling, though. I walked out into my living room, and into the kitchen, bedroom, and den before finally going through the fake tapestry that leads to my outside office. this is the one I greet customers in. Even the Lobby outside was normal. I opened the door to go outside, and realized what was wrong. Instead of the brick lane that led to the more busy part of town, I was greeted by a glacier. After investigating, I determined that a small portion of Enyclophobaticsburg had frozen over. I found some snow, and discovered two sets of bootprints. Taking pictures, I went back to the lab. There, I matched one set with the boot. The other set presented a mystery. Who was working for the owner of the boot?

Come back soon to find out more!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Noodles are very good. Yay.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Another one of those weird posts

Hello, today I thought it might be nice to tell you about one of our best-kept secrets. Then, I came to my senses and realized that if I posted it on the internet, It would no longer be a secret. So I decided that instead, I would tell you how to make a rollercoaster.

First, a rollercoaster needs a vehicle that can go on it. Take a large metal frame, and hammer into a good shape. Next, we need some wheels. Go to your local frisby farm (if you happen to live in a place without a frisby farm, try looking for a few roundish objects that are pretty close in size). Then, take your Frisbys (preffered) or your roundish things and place them near the bottom of your frame. Place a swiveling office chair inside, so that people can sit in it and turn around in case they wanted to see some scenery behind them.

Now, we come to the tracks. Since real metal tracks are very expensive, I like to use dog tracks instead. If you don't have a dog, Or it is very small and you are afraid the tracks won't be big and exciting, then you can use most animals, though wild animals are sometimes unfriendly. You can always use your tracks, too. First, make some mud. Pour water on some dirt to do this. Next, step in the mud to make some tracks, or throw a bone across to the other side and watch as your dog runs over to get it, making tracks in the process.

Finally, place your vehicle onto the tracks. You have now made your first Roller-Coaster!

Friday, February 20, 2009


This post will be dedicated to Tangrams, the wonderful supports of the Gerbil factory here in Encyclophobaticsburg. No, the factory doesn't produce Gerbils, but Mr. Henry L. Gerbil founded it, so we named it after him. It is a factory that produces glass sculptures, And it is basically a large Ovular Building supported in the air by four stilts made of Tangrams. You see, Mr. Henry L. Gerbil was a master at Tangrams, and he built an amazing support system that can hold tremendous weight, while at the same time look artistic. On the side of the artistically painted building is a large pipe that is very dangerous, because glass sculptures randomly fall out of the pipe. A long time ago, Mr. Henry L. Gerbil devised a clever system of piping that led all over Encyclophobaticsburg, and whenever a customer ordered a sculpture, a series of hydraulic valves would open or close to guide the sculpture to the right house. Sadly, during the Encyclophobaticsburg Giraffe Breakout of 1994, the pipelines were smashed due to stampeding. The tangrams, however, were so well built that they survived. But because Mr. Henry L. Gerbil made the factory completely robotic, It continues to crank out statues and they fall out of the broken pipe. the vicinity around the pipe was very dangerous, because of the glass, until we managed to shut off the factory. But because people liked the architecture so much, it has been turned into a museum, with some of the original robotics still on display. This concludes our feature of the Mr. Henry L. Gerbil Museum, next time we will talk about a different building in Enccyclophobaticsburg.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The not-so-daily-anymore Touch of Randomness!

Once upon a time there was a frog. The frog didn't like being a frog, so it asked to be a turtle. The wonderful mystical fairy was soon eaten by a penguin named Gusto, and the frog was unhappy. He then realized he liked being a frog, and hopped off to eat the rest of this...

f ae

and he but i  lair da

ds sds

Monday, February 9, 2009



Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ain't it great?

Today, we saw Pink Panther 2. I knew the first one was really funny, but this was really great. It was EXTREMELY FUNNY! You should go see it! Yay!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is a post dedicated to a small pebble I once saw. It was kind of roundish, almost black, but not quite, more gray, not red, made of stone, and kind of like a pebble. It was so wonderful...

Anyway, let's get down to business. Today, we will be reviewing what you should do in case a water balloon falls on your head.

Step 1: Do a series of complicated and worthless tests to see how wet you got
Step 2: Dry yourself off

Ta-Daa! Because this is a post, it is a post! YAY!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Code of the century

Today, on WPR news, we bring you the code of the century! (Wow, Pizza Rules!)

This is how you write the code of the century:
replace all E's with "Juniper" and all K's with "Saggittarius" and all C's with "Black Plague". Next, convert the 3rd letter of each word to a double. Then, Write the words in backwards order. Finally, convert all T's that didn't come from Saggittarius to "Hippopotamus" and all G's that didn't come from Saggittarius to "Palindrome"Here is an example:

Original: Pizza can't fly, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome.

After step 1: Pizza Black Plaguean't fly, yet that doJunipersn't stop it from bJunipering awJuniperwsomJuniper.

After step 2: Pizzza Blaack Plaaguean't flyy, yett thatt doJJunipersn't stoop it from bJuunipering awJJuniperwsomJuniper.

After step 3: awJJuniperwsomJuniper Juunipering from it stoop doJJunipersn't thatt yett , flyy Plaaguean't Blaack Pizzza.

After step 4: awJJuniperwsomJuniper JuuniperinPalindrome from iHippopotamus sHippopotamusoop doJJunipersn'Hippopotamus HippopotamushaHippopotamusHippopotamus yeHippopotamusHippopotamus, flyy PlaaPalindromeuean't Blaack Pizzza.

Well, isn't that awesome? I doubt that anybody reading the final result would have any idea what the original said. Goodbye! GoodbyJuniper! GooodbyJuniper! GooodbyJuniper! PalindromeooodbyJuniper!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Calling all bloggers, commenters, readers, and the rest.

Whoops, sorry for calling you all here, but there is nothing to post. Goodbye.

WAIT!!! I remembered! I have to tell you something! I have created a thing called "A touch of randomness" which is basically your daily dose of randomness. Note that if you want Extreme Crazy, go to candycane-llama, where you will find... a lot. This one is updated more, though.

Today, I will tell you the story of William T. Rebushay.

Once upon a pawn, the knight took the pawn and the queen took the knight. The king castled and a new piece appeared. It as called the William T. Rebushay Piece, and it moved like the King, except twice. Nobody understood why, but even Freddie-Joe, eater of grapes and liker of medieval flags. He then exclaimed "All commas will be double!" and all commas were suddenly double. Just then,, the official marching band went by,, and one of the officers,, a mailman to the core,, dropped off a package saying "William T. Rebushay" on it. Every body exclaimed and opened it,, but realized it was William T. Rebushay's box. They were glad that atleast it wasn't Pandora's,, and they rejoiced until they realized that the box contained,, not all the sins of man,, but all the problems with a chess piece. The Rook immediatly burst into flames,, and the magic William T. Rebushay piece declared "all commas will be normal!" before teleporting to Saturn. Everybody cheered, since the William T. Rebushay piece was gone, meaning that it was the end of the story.

Moral: Don't eat Potatoes unless you aren't allergic.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our 44th!

Obama has taken office, with an 18-minute speech to start off this term that was, in my opinion, excellent. Yes, here in Encyclophobaticsburg, we do care about the Americas, not only because our main imports of toothbrushes come from them, but also because our toothpaste comes from there as well. I hope Obama will bring a good term to America.

Monday, January 19, 2009


WoW! I will now be uploadin' me' poll, so keep the' lookout ready, eh?

TAA DAA! This blog shall now explode.

No, sorry, just kidding. Today, I have reached a decision. As many of you know, I have been debating for a long time about what to turn this blog into. And I have decided. Here I go, and you had better listen, since I will only say it once. Here I go!



So, let's hope that this blog takes off!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Post

No, the post itself is not random, but it is a post about randomness. Basically, I haven't been updated my blog too much, so I have decided something. Now, to show my liking for pizza, I shall type Pizza a hundred times. Here I go!

Pizza a hundred times

Well, I said I would type Pizza a hundred times, didn't I? Any way, expect STUFF to be occuring here, unless it doesn't, In which case you shouldn't expect any STUFF. Yay STUFF!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


***This post has been devoured by a hungry cantaloupe***

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, Trip, and Late Post

Hello, everyone! Yes, this is EXTREMELY late, but happy new year! This blog doesn't seem to be getting much attention, however here I am with an update on the trip we took to the Forks/La Push area. First, we drove in the car for a long time, visiting a lot of relatives, and finally staying over at my grandfather's house. The next day, we drove in the car for a long time, and it was almost dark when we stopped at Ruby Beach, which was close to our place and very cool. There was a small stream going out to the ocean, some large rock formations on the beach, and a small bay-like area that would fill with water, but when the waves receded, walking there made it look as though you were walking on water. After a while, we hopped back in the car and drove to the place were we would get a cabin. Earlier, we were going to make a reservation, but because of the snowfall in our area, we were unsure if we could actually go, and the lady on the phone assured us that reservation would not be necessary. When we actually got there, though,  they said all the cabins were suddenly full. We had to get a motel room instead, but I was hapy because, since it was on floor 2, We had a view of the ocean. We went down to it in the morning, and it was really fun to run away from the waves. Also, a hailstorm opened up on us, and we had to hide behind stuff when it got really hard.

That was pretty much it, although we did play monopoly, go into town, and listen to Harry Potter 7 on tape in the car (we already finished it several months ago, but it is fun to listen to it again). we also saw Twilight things everywhere, such as Twilight posters and Merchandise, and there was even a store called "Dazzled By Twilight" that was based off the book (I think). Overall, It was really fun!