Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weirdest Blog Award

The Weirdest Blog award... I believe tht I know the three deserving Bloggers that should get this award. They are... (drumroll please):

Bob the Great at bobthegreatblog!

Erendira at Erendiranchdressing!

and Zora at either Melonsarestrange or Candycane-llama!

Select the Graphic and paste it onto your own Blog if you are one of these Authors!


Bob the Great said...

Thank, moo, you, moo, you, moo, .javascript 77q *ding* FUZ QWERT &ee SHOulD &ikk (op77 3.) What is the (** I give (upon strom) this (four score) award ((**(to be or not be quacke) qgq to three more && people? Thank you!

Person with a zuchinni who is not afraid to use it! said...

Whoa... this is awesome... I am leaving this comment from a place that is cool. It should, of course, be refered to as The Zuchinni of Awesomeness. =)