Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The rare newtatooies of Encyclophobaticsburg

As many of you know, Encyclophobaticsburg is a flourishing country. Just recently, a very exciting and amazing discovery was discovered (hence the fact that it was a discovery). A new species, called the newtatooie, was found roaming a pond. Newtatooies are large, aquatic insects shaped like donuts. They move forward by spiraling rapidly. The result is that water rushes through the hole in the middle, and off they go. Without newtatooies, the entire ecosystem would collapse, as they serve a crucial role - that of swimming. If no animals swam, there would be no swimming, and that would surely be bad for some reason.


This blog is about to enter hibernation

As all true ecologists know, all things come and go. This blog has definitely seen better times. I have recently been abducted by aliens, and as such it is difficult to post. Anyway, the alien race has been imposing a type of torture used to force people into submision... I think they call it krowemoh... I don't know, because it's in a language they call sdrawkcab. But the point is, it's very effective, and I am usually doing that instead. So, unfortunately, I will be unable to update this blog for long periods at a time... Meaning that I am forced to announce a slight hibernation period... I do not know how long it will last, but I am suspecting until June sometime... possibly longer if they encounter snow, because their spacecraft cannot travel during snowy weather and I may be free to update. I'm sorry, but expect sparse posting.