A general compilation of all those useless little facts you never wanted to know but are reading anyway:

Government Type: Encyclophobaticsburg is currently a Fruitocracy. The word Fruitocracy comes from the Greek root "Fruito" which means "To sell fruit" or "To grow/create fruit", and "-cracy", meaning "rule by". This means that the entity which governs Encyclophobaticsburg also sells fruit.
Government Leader: The current Governor of Encyclophobaticsburg is Burk Burgundson, who is also the owner of the Encyclophobaticsburg Fruit Shop which recently gained control of the country.
Country Size: The country of Encyclophobaticsburg currently consists of one city, also known as Encyclophobaticsburg but sometimes referred to as Encyclophobaticsville, as well as the Plain Plains where fruit is grown, and Mt. Slab and Mt. Hunk of Useless Rock.
Population: Due to problems with the government, including the lack of one, there is no census to gather this information. It is estimated that there are 23,000 people living in Encyclophobaticsburg, not including werewolves.
Monetary System: The Encyclo is the official currency of Encyclophobaticsburg. The current exchange rate is 1 Encyclo per 0.64 Encyclos.
Problems Facing Country: Lack of Government, Chaos currently gripping country.

Temperature: Ranges from hot to cold degrees (F)
Weather: Encyclophobaticsburg never experiences snow. Any time that I mention snow on this blog, it is a lie. Also, it is usually wet when it rains.
Wildlife: Lizards, Beavers, Hippopotamuses, Newtatooies, Thurgojumbiadynamaliotundralikemiian Monkeys, Giraffes, Puddles, Fish, Gophers, Imported Mutants.
Plant life: Yodel Berries, Aloe Plants, Trees, Grass.

Country Facts:
National Bird: Beaver
National Flower: Nightshade
National Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus #4,593
Origin: Encyclophobaticsburg was founded during the Revolutionary War, when a colonist and a commander allied to build a big city. They designed countless Blueprints, Greenprints, Redprints, and A-color-in-between-red-and-gold-with-purple-spots-prints. Sadly, they had an argument, and during the night a badger crawled in the window and ate some tomatoes. In the morning, the two friends departed, and the badger took the plans and took them into the jungle. There, he found Phidelly, and convinced her to build the city. Although the plans had many pawprints, holes, and tomato stains, she was finally able to construct the city because Phidelly was a special butterfly who had 5,034 copies of herself. She and her other selves built the city and left, but one stayed behind and founded the Donut Museum, which was originally supposed to be a memorial to the badger, however, only one 5-foot wide solid-gold ring was finished before the Phidelly passed away. Even though it was supposed to be part of the Badger's eye, the ring was mistaken for a donut, and the settlers who moved in over the subsequent years took it to be such.
Etymology: The word "Encyclophobaticsburg" comes from the word "Encyclophobatic", which means "Snow-loving". Curiously enough, the city never actually gets any snowfall, although there are many rumors to the converse, mostly because many of the inhabitants are insane.

Imports: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Mutants.
Exports: Fruit, Goats, Fruit-flavored Goats, Goat-flavored Fruit