Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The third hint!

Okay, now here is another hint as to the nature of the surprise!

You see, this surprise will have something to do with the name of Encyclophobaticsburg. Go to the informational page about it, and look around for something to do with that. Then maybe you can put the pieces together.

On a totally unrelated note (well it might maybe be related... okay fine its very related.), Burk Burgundson has decided that the climate of Encyclophobaticsburg is too warm to grow good fruit. This might mean that he will move his Fruit Shop, or possibly something else...

Who knows?

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Bunny the Beaver said...

Hey so I was walking around the other day and I fell into some kind of cave. in the cave there was a sign pointing two ways, one was labeled 'Place where Tom Riddles horcrux is kept' and the other was labeled 'lost and found'. so obviously I went toward the lost and found because I had lost something very dear to me and sure enough, IT WAS THERE!! It was my toothbrush from first grade as well as my old paper volcano kit.