Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hello! Sorry, I was unable to update my blog for a really long time. We went on a vacation to the Forks/La Push area (Yes, that is where Twilight took place, but sadly we didn't find any 
vampires). I will try to update more!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Aloe Plant?

Hello, Agent Pizza here. Sadly, the computer refuses to let my images be uploaded, So I can only describe it. Basically, we used a potted aloe plant. The droopy branches are good for hanging ornaments on, but right now there are only two ornaments. One is a little blue one with a nice design, and the other is a golden bow. All the Christmas cards we receive are placed on the table around it, and some of the small presents are underneath the branches (Yes, we did fit a few underneath the tiny plant!). Above it is a Christmas wreath with lights and strings of tinsel around the window. The lights are shaped like bells, and when you push a button they flash to the tune of a Christmas carol.

We also have a tree, and it is placed in the biggest window we have, with red and green lights placed around the window. There are various lights and ribbons around the house, and outside is a Japanese Maple wrapped with lights.

Those who know me will know why I described two different trees (well, okay, one was an Aloe plant, but you know what I mean).

Under and In!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Okay, Fine

Yes, as some have noticed, there isn't that much about Pizza to post here. I don't think that any pizza related stuff will come up in the near future, either (well, okay, I have plans for one thing, but that comes later). So, I have decided that I will get some randomness out on Candycane-llama, since I have joined that team. Hopefully, this blog will become something better, but it is currently only in the development stages.

P.S. Another thing: I have recently had troubles putting pictures onto this blog. Without them, it looks rather boring. I will try to get that function up and running.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hello, Agent Pizza here. i just thought that some readers may be confused as to what Encyclophobaticsburg is. Encyclophobaticsburg (also Encyclophobaticsville) is the small area I, Agent Pizza, live in. It is unmarked, so you will never find it on a map. I will now tell you a bit about it:

Weather: slightly snowy in the winter, and wet when it rains.

Temperature: Ranges from hot to cold degrees (F)

Monetary system: the Encyclo (1 Encyclo = 1 Encyclo)

Government: What's a government?

Problems facing Country: Lack of Government, Chaos currently gripping country

National Bird: Beaver

National Flower: Nightshade

National Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus #4,593

So Yes, that is the small country of Encyclophobaticsburg! See 'ya!

Lizard conditions

Hello Again, today I will be reviewing the local weather. here in Encyclophobaticsburg, we use "Lizard" as the codename for "Blizzard" (They are very different, and nobody could ever guess the similarity =). Today, we are still unsure about the amount of snowfall that has actually accumulated on the ground, but last night and a bit this morning, we experienced a rare Lizard (I call it rare because we don't get that much snow here). Last night, My mother and I walked to the library, and it was extremely cool to see the big sheets of snow fall off the roof as the wind blew it around! I hope it snows more, and that we get a white Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Wow! As far as I remember, I have never experienced this much snow. it is dropping about 5 inches (Or at least, it WAS...). Anyway, I am very excited as tonight there is a lot of scheduled snow, and tommorow we can sled a lot. This is so exciting! I really love snow!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ummm... an... Interview

Today, we will be interviewing a person named Nadine.

Agent Pizza: So, what are your passions?

Nadine: Well, I like to ski.

Agent Pizza: Okay...

Agent Pizza: So, any memorable experiences that you'd like to share?

Nadine: Well, I went to a donut factory. Then the donut came out, and I said wow...

Agent Pizza: Yes, er, um, I'm sure you did... Anyway, where do you live?

Nadine: Loch Ness Monster, India.

Agent Pizza: Um... Sure. That's all with (The extremely weird) Nadine!!!

Yes, so after this strange insight into Nadine's life, we reccomend that you check out the blog

This is Agent Pizza, Under and In!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yay! Today, It snowed Really hard where I live. There was at least 5 inches (a lot where I live!). Because of the school closures, we went sledding all day and had a giant snowball fight near the end. Yay Snow!


Yay! Pizza rocks! This blog is dedicated to the awesomeness of pizza! Although it probably won't be updated much, i will try to load new content every once in a while. First, this is my profile picture:

Yay! Yay! Pizza Rocks!