Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Aloe Plant?

Hello, Agent Pizza here. Sadly, the computer refuses to let my images be uploaded, So I can only describe it. Basically, we used a potted aloe plant. The droopy branches are good for hanging ornaments on, but right now there are only two ornaments. One is a little blue one with a nice design, and the other is a golden bow. All the Christmas cards we receive are placed on the table around it, and some of the small presents are underneath the branches (Yes, we did fit a few underneath the tiny plant!). Above it is a Christmas wreath with lights and strings of tinsel around the window. The lights are shaped like bells, and when you push a button they flash to the tune of a Christmas carol.

We also have a tree, and it is placed in the biggest window we have, with red and green lights placed around the window. There are various lights and ribbons around the house, and outside is a Japanese Maple wrapped with lights.

Those who know me will know why I described two different trees (well, okay, one was an Aloe plant, but you know what I mean).

Under and In!


me said...

wow - hopefully I'm not too strange and abnormal, or too much of a weirdo! Too bad about not being able to get your pictures to show up... perhaps next time Nadine visits, she can help problem solve....
also, I know you, and it is not clear to me why you decribed both trees....except that the pictures do not appear?

Agent Pizza said...

Umm... Ask "rockin13" and "rockin10", since they will probably know!