Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hello, Agent Pizza here. i just thought that some readers may be confused as to what Encyclophobaticsburg is. Encyclophobaticsburg (also Encyclophobaticsville) is the small area I, Agent Pizza, live in. It is unmarked, so you will never find it on a map. I will now tell you a bit about it:

Weather: slightly snowy in the winter, and wet when it rains.

Temperature: Ranges from hot to cold degrees (F)

Monetary system: the Encyclo (1 Encyclo = 1 Encyclo)

Government: What's a government?

Problems facing Country: Lack of Government, Chaos currently gripping country

National Bird: Beaver

National Flower: Nightshade

National Hippopotamus: Hippopotamus #4,593

So Yes, that is the small country of Encyclophobaticsburg! See 'ya!


Celery said...

Wow! Encyclophobaticsburg is so awesome! I mean, the national bird is a beaver! How cool! Anyway, could you tell me which airline to take? I am having traveling troubles.

Agent Pizza said...

Sorry, No airlines connect to it. It's virtually isolated from the rest of the world. You can only reach it by boat, since it is surrounded by water. Look for it in the Mediterranean Sea, because it isn't there.

Nadine said...

Ha Ha! I am cracking up just reading it. Seriously I have tears in my eyes! I love your city, but I am sorry to say that nothing gets as good as Loch Ness Monster, India!


corn said...

Psst! Hey everyone! anybody who sees this comment should eat celery.