Friday, December 19, 2008

Ummm... an... Interview

Today, we will be interviewing a person named Nadine.

Agent Pizza: So, what are your passions?

Nadine: Well, I like to ski.

Agent Pizza: Okay...

Agent Pizza: So, any memorable experiences that you'd like to share?

Nadine: Well, I went to a donut factory. Then the donut came out, and I said wow...

Agent Pizza: Yes, er, um, I'm sure you did... Anyway, where do you live?

Nadine: Loch Ness Monster, India.

Agent Pizza: Um... Sure. That's all with (The extremely weird) Nadine!!!

Yes, so after this strange insight into Nadine's life, we reccomend that you check out the blog

This is Agent Pizza, Under and In!


Nadine said...

That was such a great interview! I think I found myself! Do you think you could have me on the blog again? I am such a great part of it! Tell me if you need another interview or segment!


Anonymous said...

That was strange!!