Monday, April 20, 2009


Please observe:


With an 87.5% accuracy rating, the monkey that typed that is pretty good. This giraffe, however...


As you can see, this 12.5% approval rating is rather low. The Giraffe, though horrible at spelling, Has a ph. D in Math, Works at NASA, Scored an IQ of 3,984.8, and won the Brazilian Math contest 40 times in a row. So, Ya...


Hannah said...

Excellent! I am sorry for Cornelia's comment on your previous post, she does get carried away. Lately she has gotten very mad at Dirigible(you know, the woodchuck who is the head of the Encylclophobaticsburg Fan club). I think it is because he planted more carrots than her in the bubblegum blowing contest.

halestone said...


Bob said...

This is the Brazilian math testing center. Your recent post shows that your accuracy of calculating percents is 0%, we award you $56,789.23, 29,897 yuan, 78,907 euros, 12 1/2 potato pancakes, and a carrot smeared in bubblegum.

Secret potato decoding dungeon guarder with a capital Z said...

Sargeant Wemberly Kookoclock

Wart said...

i am jealous of your prize

Aunty Wart said...

if you can't see the future, what can you see? a fryed bean.

Sargeant Wemberly Cookoclock said...

if i was a kitten i would try to run as fast as i could. then, i would dramatically burst through a tapestry. if i did that then i think i might stop and rest. after that i would try and disepher a lost code that would be impossible ot disipher. then i would attempt to run in a circle, but then i would be blocked by a huge box. the box would begin talking and i would melt as if it was a summer's day. at this, i would conclude by reading hte newspaper for a full 9.15 minutes. any more than that and i might find myself dehidrated.

I hope you enjoyed my day. now I have to go do all of that stuff.


Sargeant Wemberly Cookoclock

Bob the Great said...

Hi! This is Bob the Great, aka Otto Todo Dodo, and I have a new blog at
Anyhow, the banana didn't say so, so therefore it isn't true, NOT!
Have a happy Day of Burping Bicycles!

Bonnie Faber said...

Ha ha I love this blog!

... and am going to follow it. =)