Friday, April 24, 2009

Ice and pencils...

Sorry for not posting for so long about what happens after the post where I told you what happened when I had been sorry for being gone so long. Basically, It had been my own tracks in the snow( I think someone must have placed them there, I never would have made that mistake!) Anyway, the culprit was a actually a small Woodland Muskrat, who had been working for an unknown employer, but felt bad about his crime, and came to me to confess. The reason it took so long to post on the matter was because the Muskrat never said more than two words before falling asleep for 12 hours. It was hard to talk to him.

Sorry, Bye.

1 comment:

Person said...

I suggest that you hire a dog to lick the muskrat, then the muskrat will certainly wake up.