Thursday, January 22, 2009

Calling all bloggers, commenters, readers, and the rest.

Whoops, sorry for calling you all here, but there is nothing to post. Goodbye.

WAIT!!! I remembered! I have to tell you something! I have created a thing called "A touch of randomness" which is basically your daily dose of randomness. Note that if you want Extreme Crazy, go to candycane-llama, where you will find... a lot. This one is updated more, though.

Today, I will tell you the story of William T. Rebushay.

Once upon a pawn, the knight took the pawn and the queen took the knight. The king castled and a new piece appeared. It as called the William T. Rebushay Piece, and it moved like the King, except twice. Nobody understood why, but even Freddie-Joe, eater of grapes and liker of medieval flags. He then exclaimed "All commas will be double!" and all commas were suddenly double. Just then,, the official marching band went by,, and one of the officers,, a mailman to the core,, dropped off a package saying "William T. Rebushay" on it. Every body exclaimed and opened it,, but realized it was William T. Rebushay's box. They were glad that atleast it wasn't Pandora's,, and they rejoiced until they realized that the box contained,, not all the sins of man,, but all the problems with a chess piece. The Rook immediatly burst into flames,, and the magic William T. Rebushay piece declared "all commas will be normal!" before teleporting to Saturn. Everybody cheered, since the William T. Rebushay piece was gone, meaning that it was the end of the story.

Moral: Don't eat Potatoes unless you aren't allergic.


Nadine said...

Wow. I will never look at a chess piece the same way again! And that's not fair,, I like potatoes! Do we have to listen to the moral of the story? The moral makes the story pointless in my opinion.


Clone #4521938 said...