Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our 44th!

Obama has taken office, with an 18-minute speech to start off this term that was, in my opinion, excellent. Yes, here in Encyclophobaticsburg, we do care about the Americas, not only because our main imports of toothbrushes come from them, but also because our toothpaste comes from there as well. I hope Obama will bring a good term to America.


Nadine said...

Here in Loch Ness Monster we all watched the inaug too. (Inaug is short for inauguration. We don't have time for long words in Loch Ness Monster). We mostly export ot America. Our main export is Taco Beans, although earmuffs are also common.


Lizzie said...

Agent Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is awesome! Put the sound on before you click!