Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, Trip, and Late Post

Hello, everyone! Yes, this is EXTREMELY late, but happy new year! This blog doesn't seem to be getting much attention, however here I am with an update on the trip we took to the Forks/La Push area. First, we drove in the car for a long time, visiting a lot of relatives, and finally staying over at my grandfather's house. The next day, we drove in the car for a long time, and it was almost dark when we stopped at Ruby Beach, which was close to our place and very cool. There was a small stream going out to the ocean, some large rock formations on the beach, and a small bay-like area that would fill with water, but when the waves receded, walking there made it look as though you were walking on water. After a while, we hopped back in the car and drove to the place were we would get a cabin. Earlier, we were going to make a reservation, but because of the snowfall in our area, we were unsure if we could actually go, and the lady on the phone assured us that reservation would not be necessary. When we actually got there, though,  they said all the cabins were suddenly full. We had to get a motel room instead, but I was hapy because, since it was on floor 2, We had a view of the ocean. We went down to it in the morning, and it was really fun to run away from the waves. Also, a hailstorm opened up on us, and we had to hide behind stuff when it got really hard.

That was pretty much it, although we did play monopoly, go into town, and listen to Harry Potter 7 on tape in the car (we already finished it several months ago, but it is fun to listen to it again). we also saw Twilight things everywhere, such as Twilight posters and Merchandise, and there was even a store called "Dazzled By Twilight" that was based off the book (I think). Overall, It was really fun!


Hannah said...

Wow, That sounds fun. We just finished HP 7 last night and are starting over at Chamber of Secrets. Ron just broke his wand:(. Emma is reading Twilight right now!

A Khudori Soleh said...

salam from khudori