Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Post

No, the post itself is not random, but it is a post about randomness. Basically, I haven't been updated my blog too much, so I have decided something. Now, to show my liking for pizza, I shall type Pizza a hundred times. Here I go!

Pizza a hundred times

Well, I said I would type Pizza a hundred times, didn't I? Any way, expect STUFF to be occuring here, unless it doesn't, In which case you shouldn't expect any STUFF. Yay STUFF!


Eréndira said...

Wow, That would be difficult! I didn't think it was possible to eat a whole fish without the help of tractor!

Zora said...

Honk honkie horn bob!!

Eréndira said...

Hey, Zora! I wondered what that greenish, purpleish, orangish substance was. It turned out it was my showe. I thought that was weird but then a dump truck went above the speed limit and I said, "Slow down", and he said "the stone has magical purposes known to all who aren't wiser than a pebble". It was then that I realized it wasn't a dump truck. It was a garbage truck.

Anonymous said...

I am randomness you iPod.

Otto Todo Dodo said...

I like ZUNES!