Saturday, November 21, 2009

*Exasperated Sigh*

Ahhh. I am sorry about this problematic approach to problems, but there appears to be an error. As you can possibly tell, this lonely blog out in the cold realms of the internet has suffered from an internal systematic lack of posts, and therefore feels rundown.

The Solution:
Renovations! Elaborations! Limeade!

The Renovatons, Elaborations, and Limeade:
just expect not very much posting for a while, since I have recently joined a group that seems to have quite a lot of work attached to it, work that I have to do in the time I could be writing about bunny slippers and lemons. So remember, I don't like it, but there is some troubles. Hopefully, I can come back to at least weekly, maybe even once-every-two-days-ly! Oh, and expect a makeover, so it might be closed from... time to time (evil laugh).

and now, a small story about flying discs:

There once was a flying disc. His name was Frisbee. The end.


Einstein XXXIIII said...

I believe if it is good enough for a toothpick, it is good enough for me -Einstein XXXII

Mr. Knight said...

i think that the limeaid should be made from Lemons!

Some loony said...

Well it doesn't matter 'cause the world's ending in 2012.

B.O.B said...

your mom is ending in 2012