Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today, you will find out how to play a fun and exiting game titled "The worst and most boring game in the world". To play this game, you will need the following items:

12 sheets of lined paper
Half of a pineapple
A small plastic cup
Two Prisms
Bubble Gum
Electric screwdriver
Another Prism
14 Red Ants
A cell phone
4 light bulbs
A dog (Labrador retriever, if possible)
Chile Pepper
Chile Salt
A peacock feather
10 cubic tons of cardboard
And a 9876.5 teaspoon measuring cup

So, take the 13 pieces of paper, and use the stapler to staple them around the rim of the top hat. Then, take the Dirigible and fly it over Nebraska. As you do this, throw the raisins off, two at a time, at 56 second intervals. If any of the- What? What's that you say? That none of those items were on the list? No! See, right there, it says...

What? But... How... Someone must have changed them! Oh No! Oh well, in the meantime get out a bat and ball and play baseball.

Also, I recommend that you don't follow my advice, as it may lead you into a pit of doom.
By the way, I suggest you go into a pit of doom.


dedicated2paint said...

i tried to collect everything, but then i found a hamburger and painted it out of clay. it turned out looking more like a turquoise piece of bacon.

Bob the Great said...

This is Bob the Great's pet telephone flinger. I will now attempt to process data found in this post.
Section referring to "pit of doom" has been located as part of a message inscribed on a potato sent from Agent Pizza to Bob the Great.
This telephone flinger will now self destruct.