Saturday, April 23, 2011

Informative Facts You Should Know

Here are some facts that you should definitely know to be successful in life:

  1. 7 out of 8 Whales in the Indian Ocean are threatened by threats such as Plant Life, Other Whales, and Knives.
  2. 6 out of 14 Dinosaur Fossils found today are actually fossilized rock formations from the moon, known as fossilizedrockformationsfromthemoon in scientific communities.
  3. There is no reason to doubt the obvious, unless it is obviously wrong.
  4. Nothing that one can see from any given point on Earth have any life forms, unless you look down.
  5. Twelve occupational hazards are used as excuses for buying shoes every year.
  6. 19 out of 18 people in the Northern Hemisphere suffer from a rare form of lung-disease known as "dry dock research"
  7. While it is possible that this false statement could be false or true, the first part and third part may or may not be possibly true or/nor false if the false section is also false, but since it may be false that either section is false then the truth lies in the possible parts that are not false but true. However, this may be false.
  8. There are seven ways to injure yourself in a blimp. They are from jumping out, getting hurt by explosions, engine malfunction, food poisoning, food contamination, food getting up and attacking you, and of course, captains who have not reviewed all safety procedures.
  9. This is the second-to-last fact.
  10. Out of every color that is visible to humans, most tend to slobber uncontrollably when placed within 6 inches of a toadstool-microwave hybrid.
Now that you know these things, go and show the world* your wisdom.

*Note: Blog of the Pizzas is not responsible, and therefore will be held entirely harmless and released from all legal obligations, for any laughing or ridicule that may result from this course of action. Blog of the Pizzas would like to remind you that this is a suggestion only, and is merely used for the purpose of instruction and/or benefiting the reader in one or more ways. By reading this sentence or any of the aforementioned sentences, you obviously agree to hold Blog of the Pizzas harmless and possibly submit any bunny slippers you may be wearing for testing purposes.

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