Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Remember when...

Remember the days in which I actually posted regularly on this blog? Well, I am here to tell you that those days may once again be ours to remember as the current situation which has been brought to us through the mystical outbursts that time sends spiraling through six reverse clauses and a cactus to meet us and greet us here at the present, which is not the past nor future nor coffee break but in fact right NOW.

As a reward for a) making it through that paragraph battered and scarred by the destruction of at least 2/3 the remaining brain mass you may possess after reading earlier posts of mine, or b) skipping it wisely in an attempt to save yourself, I shall tell you more about the Encyclophobaticsburg fruit shop.

You see, recently the fruit shop filed for bankruptcy. Now I know what you may be thinking if you read my other posts, where you will notice that the fruit shop is richer than all the other corporations in the country put together, including the government and national reserve. However, don't worry, the fruit shop only filed for bankruptcy because they have a new CEO named Burk Burgundson, and he is... well... let's just say he knows what a room with rubber walls looks like.

Anyway, Burk decided to file for bankruptcy out of pure boredom, because he finds that following the laws of both logic and the Encyclophobaticsburg government are very boring. So he clogged up the offices of the government with 43,001 bankruptcy filings, which caused all the employees to be redirected to the Commerce, And Business, And Other Important Things branch (CABAOIT). Shortly afterward, he invaded the country and took over the government.

So now Encyclophobaticsburg is a Fruitocracy, which means Rule by an entity that also sells fruit. Fruito is a greek root meaning "To sell fruit" or "Grow/Create fruit", so curiously enough, the country would have the same name if it were ruled by a plum tree.

Well, that's all I have to say, just your average government takeover and greek roots lesson in one. Thanks for reading. Kinda. Well okay, since I have no idea who is reading this, it is rather hard to personally thank them for reading these words. Whatever.

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